Month: November 2015

How Does Cloud Based Phone System Work?

cloud phone servicesThe moment you enter your search query and hit the Enter key on Google it flashes the result that you want to see. You click on the Send button and your message reaches to the destination address where you wanted it to reach. You click on the Play button on YouTube and the song takes it due course. Hardly, it needs any argument to point out the rationale behind. Yes, it’s the Internet. The dawn of 21st century which is marked by the pervasiveness of the Internet brought a revolution in the business ecosystem as well. It’s transforming their modus operandi by empowering them to access and share information through voice, texts and videos through IP-sensitive device like PCs, tablets and phones. This new breed of system is also referred as cloud-based phone system. It works on the protocols of the Internet where the analogous signals generated by the users are translated into the digital so that it can propagate easily from the origin to destination IP-enabled devices.

Thus, with a cloud based phone system in place, a business is not more in the obligation to setup and maintain its own PBX. Neither is the need to go for complicated physical copper wiring and own clumsy phone that sans advanced functionalities. Businesses can do away with different bills for voice communication (STD and ISD) and Internet. Instead, with just one subscription of cloud based phone system, a business can control communication through multiple channels, viz. phone, video, email, chat, fax, etc. Let’s take a look at the prominent features of cloud phone solutions.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

From easing the management of communication to improving the productivity of a workforce to lowering the operational cost, entrepreneurs can expect all. Perhaps, this has become a must have for every business. Its finds its ways in every business operation from sales to customer service. Marketers and advertisers are also taking refuge of IVR to reach to their prospects and customers across the globe.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Amidst the growing call volume, no business entity can run without the successful integration of ACD. It can also work as a standalone feature to route calls or queries to different departments to ensure speedy resolution. It can check call abandonment rate and increase resolution rate significantly.

Multi-Queue Management

Inventory, sales, marketing, delivery, billing, customer service, and more, for streamlined business, it’s necessary that your customers have a quick and easy access to different departments. Cloud based phone system brings multiple queue management feature to make sure that customers always get information and services from the right department and people.

CRM Integration

Cloud based phone solutions can sync with CRM (customer relationship management) platform to improve collaboration and communication. Dissemination of information helps in improving the performance of your staff running the sales and customer service operations. It also eases customer’s quest of getting access to information.

However, this is not the end. We will be back with more information and insights on cloud based business communication system. Need advice and support on cloud telephony? Feel free to get in touch with us. Write us at or call us at 1800 3000 1127 (Toll Free).


5 Tips for Choosing Business Communication System for SMBs!

If you are baffled regarding the usage of the reformed Business Communication System, then this piece of artifact would certainly enlist some guiding tips towards attaining the supreme services offered.

Business Communication System is certainly the pre-requisite in the contemporary corporate scenario. Business Dynamics have been transforming since long owing to the ethics dictating the corporate sector have altered colossally.

Business Communication System has derived anew definition owing to reformed VoIP overpowering the obsolete PBX system operable through wires. Voice over Internet Protocol has brought a revolutionary upsurge in the dimension of Communication System by embarking on a new journey through strengthening the networking system without wires.

Wired network had screwed up the communication system making them obsolete and so the VoIP has reigned its flagship over the age old PBX system.

Are you concerned about the adaption of a renewed Business Communication System to facilitate the progress of a flawless and impeccable Communication Business System?

Still wondering and baffled regarding why to switch to Cloud, an acclaimed Business Communication System empowered to reformulate and restructure the holistic format pertaining to the all-pervasive networked IVR Solutions and Automatic Call Distribution.

Here are 5 tips for choosing Business Communication System for SMBs:

  • Simplicity: Cloud Phone Solutions guarantees the better simplicity than the virtual PBX system. VoIP has benefited the end-users with new facilities and ingenious services inconceivable.
  • Mobility: Derive mobility by getting connected and aiding in the spread of an all-pervasive connectivity transforming the virtual world into a virtual village.
  • Cost Efficiency: An IT firm that is potentiated enough to provide the best quality services at cost effective prices. No need to act extravagant by over spending the amount of money actually required to be paid.
  • Scalability: Cloud always has the choice to opt for augmenting and diminishing the amount of services as it works on the subscription basis. This facility is an ingenious endowment of VoIP overpowering the obsolete PBX System.
  • Deliverance of optimum services: IVR Solutions and Automatic Call Distribution are the paramount services delivered by Cloud enabling the end-users with innumerable facilities inconceivable while the operations of the PBX System were still working and were creating messy havoc for the small and medium sized business corporations.